ICN 2020 Important Information and Key Dates

ICN 2020 

Over the past few weeks we have been getting a lot of questions about how to order your bikini for ICN, when orders need to be placed etc, so I thought that it would be helpful to accumulate all of that information in one handy place. 

We are a still small business, run by one, so we don’t have the capacity to make 100s of orders all at once, so we will be opening up spaces for bikinis to be made for ICN. 


All orders for the Accentuate Bikinis Angels need to be placed by the 1st of February 2020. This marks the 12 week mark from ICN. Please use our Custom Bikini Service to place your order. From here, we will custom design you a bikini to your specifications. Once the design has been given the go ahead we will supply you with an invoice. We require 50% paid within 3 days of placing the order and the remainder paid before collection of your bikini. 

We will be opening up 10 spaces for Angel Bikinis and up to 10 wings (although this is dependant in the complexity of the wing designs).

We will be providing fittings on the weekend and the week before ICN and we do recommend that you book in for a fitting due to the nature of your bikini. 

You will need to confirm your bust size upon placing you order and your high hip by the 15th of March. Bust sizes are hard to change however adjusting our briefs are easily adjusted at the fitting.

We will ship you two bust/top sizes to try on before we make your bikini, select the size you will likely be come show day. Along with this we will ship you a sample brief to try on to determine fit and coverage requirements. These will need to be returned to us using the prepaid courier bag included in the package. This is available to those that live outside of the region. Those that live here will need to come in for a fitting.

We will be present on the day of the show to help with fitting the bikini to you and helping with your wings. We want you to look your best on stage so we are here to help.

Bikini and figure classes:

All orders will need to be placed by the 15th of March. If you place an order after this date you will likely need to pay additional charges. So please aim to have your order in by this date.

We will also be opening up limited spaces. We are opening up 20 spaces, please use our ICN Bikini and Figure Suit ordering service to secure your spot if you want to be sure we will have room to make you a bikini. This requires a $100 deposit but also secures you a spot. We will confirm your choice of bikini 4 weeks out from ICN. You can however just order your bikini straight from our site and include the comp date in your order. Our quick ship bikinis are still available and we will be continually adding to this collection.

Like our Angel orders, we too will send you out sample briefs and two top sizes, if you are unsure on what size to buy. Again, this will need to be returned to us using the pre paid courier bag included in the package. This service is only available to those that live outside the manawatu. All those that live in the manawatu region will be given a fitting at our home. 


Key Dates

Today 10th Dec- All spaces opened (we have filled up a number of spaces already in both the angels and bikini and figure classes) 

1st Feb-All Angel Bikini orders to be placed by

7th Feb- All finalised designs to be sent out to Angels.

10th Feb-50% of the total invoice to be paid by

15th March-All high hip measurements to be confirmed. All Bikini and Figure suit orders to be placed. 

16th March- All samples sent to Bikini and Figure clients if required.

20th-25th- Final fittings and adjustments made.