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Federation Regulations

Federation Regulations
Choosing the right bikiniFederation regulations can be a bit intimidating when it comes to choosing the right competition suit. What bottoms do I pick? Do I go full glam? Or keep it low key? Is the focus on my overall appearance or on my physical appearance only? All of these questions can make the decision making process hard to navigate. 

There are a range of federations offering bikini and figure competitors a variety of options to choose from. We are going to look at the requirements for NABBA, IFBB, WBFF, ICN, and ICN Angels here in NZ.


Nabba/WFF focus on the overall muscle and tone of the athlete, so having a suit the elongates your legs, fits like a glove and accentuates your physique is an absolute must. Most of our clients purchase our Euro bottoms for this division for the fact that these briefs sit high up on the hip to elongate the legs. You don't want your bikini to distract from your physique so often our clients choose our Astrid or Ariel Bikinis as they offer a great sparkle but are not too distracting.

Check out for more information. 


IFBB competitors usually like to go for our euro briefs, again these elongate the legs nicely and give a beautiful shape to the glutes and torso. Stick to a moderate coverage, as IFBB like a more conservative look when it comes to coverage. In terms of embellishment, stick to any one of our classic bikinis and you'll be fine. Most of our IFBB clients like to choose our Juliet Bikini or our Bianca Fade Bikini. Both designs offer a unique sparkle and can be as personalized as one wants. 

Check out IFBB for more information.


WBFF is full glam, think of Victoria Secret meets Bodybuilding in an exciting red carpet event! Bikini designs are unlimited, and the more elaborate the better. Think of letting your creative ideas flow if your entering this division. We often work with our WBFF clients one on one to design a custom bikini for this division. You are judged on your overall appearance, poise, style and stage presence, so catching the judges attention is a must! Look at our Custom Bikini Service we offer. In this service we work with our clients to design them their dream bikini and to help them stand out! 

Check out WBFF for more information 

Check out WBFF website if you need further information


ICN judges competitors on their overall package. You will need a bikini that fits well, and the style and cut must accentuate your overall package. Our ICN clients choose a variety of styles and colours, from a couture design, to our classic range we have a large selection to offer our ICN clients. Start by checking out our Classic Competition Bikini range, and our Couture Competition Bikini range, or use one of our services to help in the decision making process.  

Check out ICN's website for further information.


ICN Angels offers athletes another chance to dress up and show off their creative juices! The ICN Angel division is fashion focused, with emphasis on the overall package. We recommend choosing one of our couture designs, or working with us to create a custom bikini that will see you shining on stage. Talk to us about your whole overall package too, as we do offer limited space for wings and added accessories for this category. ICN Angels will be coming to NZ for the first time in 2020! 

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