How long will my order take to be made?

It takes approximatly 4 weeks to create a classic bikini from our classic range and 8-12 weeks for a couture garment. With our couture garments we suggesting placing an order for a custom bikini up to 12 weeks in advance. From there we will discuss when you will likely receive your order, generally it is sooner than the 12 weeks allocated. For our couture pre designed bikinis, please allow up to 4 weeks for these orders. 

For our connectors, we order these as orders are placed. It takes approximatly 1 week for them to arrive to us, and as soon as we receive them they will be on shipped to you, using our over night delivery option. Please allow 2 weeks for connectors to arrive. We will keep you updated on the status of your order. 

In this time we source your material, crystals, connectors and any other resources we need to make your bikini. As we are a small company, we do not stock a large range of 'stoock items' therefore we source these at the time of placing an order. 

What if I need a bikini sooner?

Please use our contact form as we may be able to accomodate your specific needs. We carry a small range of stock items so we are able to create garments quickly using these if required, however you may be asked for a small contribution to boost you up the order list, depending on the level of orders we are experiencing. 

Do you offer consultations?

Yes, we currently offer consultations in the Manawatu, at our own residence. We are currently setting up a beautiful space for you to come and try on a range of bikinis, be measured and browse our stock items. We have an online booking system which you can use to create a booking, alternativly you may contact us and we can create a consultation for you. Occassionally if we are travelling we may be able to offer a consultation in a different region. If this is the case we will announce this on our social pages, so follow us to keep up to date. 

Do you offer any payment plans?

Currently, we provide our customers with personalised payment plans. These orders have to made directly with us. If you require a payment plan, please contact us. Our payment plans are tailored to suit your needs, however, full payment has to be made before we start to make your order, which takes approximatly 4 weeks for our Classic Range and Couture pre-designed Range and 8-12 weeks for our Custom Service. We do require a 50% deposit for all payment plans, as this secures your order and helps to source your materials.  This is a non refundable fee, however we do understand that things occur out of your control so please contact us if there is a change to your order or payment plan. All payment plans are subject to our descretion, and we will work one on one with you to provide you with a service. 

Do you attend any shows?

Our aim in 2020 is to attend a variety of show to add in backstage issues, if these arise. We want to support all of our wonderful customers in person. Please let us know your show date, and we will anounce the shows we will be attending on our social pages. Again, follow us to keep up to date. 

Do you offer returns?

Due to the nature of the garments we create, we unfortunatly do not offer returns, however if there are any issues with the garment we have provided, please contact us, we will be happy to help. There are some thing we can do to rectify your issues. If at all the garment is faulty, or not what you had ordered, we will meet our obligations under the New Zealand Consumers Garantees Act. Please read our refunds policy clearly. 


We have a page dedicated to our sizing. Please read this carefully before placing your order. If you are at all unsure, please contact us, as we are here to help.